Kamis, 12 Oktober 2017

Dalam Sunyi

Desir angan terlampau tinggi
Menambah rumit rasa hati
Walau yakin telah menepi
Kasihmu tetaplah sunyi
Cinta sucimu terhembus sepi

Ku ingin terus bertaruh
Hingga singa dihatimu luluh
Biarlah jiwa ragaku terjatuh
Mulut ini takkan umbar keluh
Yakin cintaku kan tumbuh

Andaikan dewi cinta menyapa
Kan ku ubah takdir cinta
Tapi kini ku harus rela
Tersenyum diantara kau dan dia
Ah, andai aku bisa menyela

Wahai penguasa alam raya
Biarlah hamba rasakan cintanya
Walau tuk sehari saja
Ingin ku tapaki dunianya
Hingga hari menjemput sang surya

Sabtu, 19 Oktober 2013

Vacation With My Beloved Family

The last holiday was a funny day for us because I and my family visited a beautiful beach. The name of the beach is Nampu beach. It is located on South of Wonogiri. It is about 80 kilometers from the down town.
Before we started to go there, we prepared many things in the morning. We brought some foods and beverages, such as fried rice, omelet, fried chicken, chocolate wafers, potato chips, water and orange juice. We didn’t forget about the swimsuit, umbrella, and fishing rod. Before going to the beach, I ask my friends, Doni and Budi, to join us going to the beach. At 7.30 a.m. we started to go to the beach. We went there by car. It needs about 1,5 hours to reach it. When we were already 15 minutes journey, my mother remembered something. She forgot to bring her pocket that prepared before. So, my father came back to the house to take the pocket and the journey was continued. On the way to reached there, I, my brother, and my friends sang a songs and my mother was fast asleep. After the 60 minutes journey, we felt some shocks caused by the broke down of the road. So, my father slowed down the car’s speed. It was need 45 minutes longer to reach the location.
At 9.45 a.m. we arrived in the location. Then, we bought tickets in the entrance the beach. When we entered on the shore, we interested to see the panoramas around it. The sea looked blue combine with green from the coconut trees along the coastline made us overawed (kagum). After we were finished to enjoy the panoramas, we prepare our tools that used to do some activities on there. I and my friends wanted to swimming.  Before swimming, we changed our clothes first. Besides that, my parent was sunbathing in the shore and my brother fishing near the rock bound. When I and my friends swum, we saw the ship throws away the waste from the factory. It caused the water color turn into dark brown. It was also caused the stench around the sea. So, we decided to swim on the other place of the beach. At 11 a.m. we felt so hungry, so, we decided to eat the foods that we had brought before. After we finished our lunch, we decided to go home. So, I and my friends took a bath to clean our body, while my parents and my brother packed many things that we brought before. When we finished cleaning our body, we went to the parking area as soon as possible to find the car. On the way home, we slept because of the tiredness. We arrived at home at 5 o’clock.
That was a very exhausting day, but I felt so happy that I could have a holiday with my family and my friends.

Rabu, 10 Juli 2013

Examples Functional Phrases

1.    I want to lock this room

The sentence has 2 meanings:
a.       The people want to lock the room
b.      The people order the other person to leave the room

2.    Is the wells in your house dry ?

The sentence has 3 meanings:
a.       Asking the question about the well
b.      The people needs a glass of water when they visit in the other person
c.       Wants to bring the water from the well

3.    Wow, the white board was so clean.

The sentence has 2 meanings:
a.       The white board looks white and clean
b.      Asking to the audience or student to cleans the white board

4.    Wow, you are diligent student !

The sentence has 2 meanings:
a.       The student is so diligent in everything
b.      Coming late

5.    Oh, the weather is so cold in here, right ?.

The sentence has 3 meanings:
a.       Giving information to someone
b.      Request someone to close the window
c.       Ask for approval or agreement

6.    Please leave me alone !

The sentence has 4 meanings:
a.       The people have many tasks to do so he/she order to the others to leave him/her
b.      Didn’t want to disturb
c.       The people have any complicated problems with the others so they feel so sad.
d.      He/she really wants to alone in their place


Minggu, 07 Juli 2013